A lobbyist may be considered a 4-letter word until you need one!

Lobbyists have the ability to do what you and your organization cannot. They have the experience necessary to find the best solutions, they have essential knowledge about the legislative process, and most importantly, they can access the decision-makers who control the process. 

Experience, information and knowledge are the calling cards of the lobbyists, because they are perpetually aware of legislation before the Texas Legislature. Lobbyists not only know what legislation succeeded and failed in the past, they know why.

Lawmakers listen to people they trust. It may be surprising, but some of the most trusted people in the capitol are lobbyists. Why? They focus on news and statistical information, and they can provide clear, evaluated views of the political landscape surrounding a particular issue. Lobbyists have this information due to fostered relationships with staff, agency heads and other key decision-makers. Good lobbyists put these relationships to work for their clients.

By way of experience, professional lobbyists understand who belongs to what side of an issue, who can carry a given initiative, and who to avoid on certain matters. Knowing what to say is important but knowing what not to say is critical.

Lobbyists can truly enhance your efforts and help you build partnerships that last for years.

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