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We support our clients by developing a comprehensive plan to meet the needs and goals of our clients by developing a platform and monitor activities that will impact the client.  Our strategies may include, actively monitoring activities at the Capitol, within State Agencies or during the interim, developing strategic communications, and action alerts.  The goal for each client is to determine the best course of action to achieve their next milestone. Our team would create a plan to include grassroots efforts, coalition building, growing membership, and expanding public private partnerships. 

Our goal is to create a strategic plan and become your advocate on the issues impacting your business.

Association & Coalition Management

Mayercorp, Inc. specializes in association management and coalition building.  Our team is ready to aid your group in anything from organizing and facilitating meetings all the way up to running the day-to-day operations of an association or coalition.  We are able to develop and maintain a membership database, provide financial management, develop a communication plan, build out new members and potential funders including sponsors to the entity, while developing a strategic plan.  

Our team can offer trade associations, non-profits, and professional associations the ability to retain our team to work with them in an  affordable manner, while creating efficient management opportunities for the association with a vision to grow the organization as the board of directors sees fit.  

Board Relations

Strategic Planning

Membership Management

Marketing & Communications

Website & Technology

Event Management

Accounting & Finance




Coalition Building & Grassroots Management

Our team...

brings like-minded companies and individuals together to work toward a single goal.  Once relationships are established, we will clearly define objectives and develop an effective strategy to meet the goals of the coalition.  Communication is a vital part of any organization, and we provide the latest methods, ensuring our coalition members are always well informed.  



We offer...

a wide knowledge base to our clients and create a strategic plan to ensure they obtain the outcome they desire.  We can work with private companies, associations or coalitions to determine what the elements of the plan should be, the best pathway to achieve those goals and additional services which may be needed to reach the desired outcome.  

Associations and coalitions are sometimes constrained on either what they can fund or what actions they may take based on how they are formed.  At Mayercorp, Inc., we will work to determine the best way to accomplish the goals of the entity, create a plan and implementation to achieve the maximum outcome for the group.  


Event Planning

We take the lead...

to plan, coordinate, and run many different types of events for our clients, including annual conferences, regional meetings, legislative days, policy briefing, forums, luncheons, round-table discussions and more.  Our team has over 35 years of event planning experience and is willing to assist your organization in any way possible to help you achieve your goals.   

We have expert knowledge in creating and implementing advocacy days at the State Capitol and with state agencies and leaders.  No matter the size of your group, we can create an impactful and organized day with meaningful meetings with elected officials and their staff to reach the desired outcome of your organization.  

Strategic Business Development

We can allocate your resources and get maximum impact  to achieve your objectives.

We can create a custom action plan intended to help your business operate, innovate, and grow

Do you have a small staff or need a dedicated strategic partner? 
We’ve got you covered! Our team will
do the work for you.

Resource Allocation


Government Relations and Strategic Development

We monitor...

public policy trends that impact your business to help you craft a message to a specific audience to ensure a more favorable response and outcome.  With our assistance, your business will be able to accelerate growth of an existing program, create opportunities, and level the playing field when working with adversaries or within the public policy landscape.  Our goal is to work with your entity to protect you from adverse consequences, from adversaries or those creating public policy that may be harmful to your company. 


Lobbying and Advocacy

We understand...

the politics and processes that shape public policy and those relationships within both the private and public sector.  Our team can proactively engage in the legislative process through educating key decision makers through ethical communication in order to impact the public policy and rule making process.   


Monitoring and Tracking Services

We analyze...

the issues that arise at the legislature as they are being discussed in drafts, committee hearings, and task forces within state government.  We offer in depth monitoring of issues that may impact your business, to ensure your entity is positioned early in the process, and to maximize the opportunity for your success.  We provide information early in the process, your business can create a strategic communications plan and be part of the solution. 


Research of Public Policy

We provide...

in depth research, analysis and risk assessment of current initiatives and proposed legislation that may impact your business.  Our analysis includes the history of specific legislation, which advocates and/or opponents are working on an issue, as well as government relations efforts of other entities and their position on a piece of legislation or rule.  Our knowledge of the process and working on policy issues, allows you a glimpse of current and future items that may come up with the legislature, an agency or private adversary that may impact your business.   

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